Indira Gandhi

Remembering Indira Gandhi

October 31, 2009 will mark 25 years since the tragic assassination of Smt Indira Gandhi. To remember this remarkable and inspiring daughter of India, throughout October, hamaracongress will post articles and
photographs on the theme of Remembering Indira Gandhi.

We start with a picture of the young Indira with Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi with Indira Gandhi

One comment

  1. Today, I just read a piece on Ms.Indira Gandhi & her role to develop India as we see it. Today, in this challenging time, we miss her dearly. She is our inspiration and she will remain so. Undoubtedly she is the best post-independence politician because she viewed india as a democratic, self-sustaining & respected country. I still think that without her able guidance we would have veered into the path of self-destruction, mindless internal conflict & total financial subjugation to the crony-capitalism. Today, once more in a difficult time when borders of India are in flames, when internal enemies are creating “corridors” of insecurity & despotism, I remember her. I hope that our current leaders will learn a lesson or two from Mrs. Gandhi & rise above petty politics to save the country from internal & external security threats & financial anhilation along with total destruction of social fabric.

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