On the Record



“I plan a surprise visit to villages to check relief measures for drought”.

Those were the last words of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy in an interaction with the media before he boarded the helicopter which went missing an hour after taking off from here.

Reddy, 60, said he planned a surprise visit to villages and did not want give any notice until the last moment. “I want to check the delivering mechanism in villages. I want to check all the problems like drought and unemployment and check if all policies have been implemented”, he said.

Reddy said he planned to go to 2-3 villages every month and check the progress of implementation of the policies.

Source: IBN


  1. Sanjay Jha,
    OMG, you belongs to this Mafia loot gang…
    Because of Mafia YSR’s loot money hamara Congress back in power as UPA2.
    Now by using CBI, hamara congress fuc*king his son from all directions and also his associate Reddy in Karnataka.
    Jha, you not simple guy as we think. You very highly connected to Mafia.

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