BJP Crisis

“Down the BJP’s Rabbit Hole”

Mint takes us “Down the BJP’s Rabbit Hole”

On Monday, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Arun Shourie said in the context of recent infighting in the party that BJP president Rajnath Singh is like “Alice in Blunderland”.

Shourie’s comments may seem more like catchy media dribble than meaningful criticism, but he may be on to something. Lewis Carroll’s absurdist tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an erratic, mind-bending narrative; the story’s protagonist, Alice, struggles to grasp a fantasy world where her basic assumptions simply don’t hold.

Alice’s journey parallels the erratic tale of the BJP in recent times. After poor election results, Rajnath Singh’s leadership has alienated many. The party has ousted Jaswant Singh and is still recovering from Vasundhara Raje’s conduct.

Now, just when we thought the story had reached its absurdist zenith, we’ve reached another level of inanity. The difference in Alice’s case, though, is that she woke up from her dream.

Let us hope that Rajnath Singh wakes up too.

We’re OK with Rajnath and the rest of the Sangh Parivar staying in their dreamlands or blunderlands or never never lands! Sleep on Rajnath!

Mint also has a balanced analysis of how and why the BJP’s imploding …
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  1. Its not about leadership….BJP seems to have a more democratic outlook and so there are many voices…But in Congress we do not find any such voices…Its governed with a tight fist and had this not been the case we would have seen dissents by Pranab Mukherjee, Kamal Nath and the likes.

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