Post Election Taking India Ahead

Singh’s 100-day plan to revolutionize India

A decisive victory has PM Manmohan Singh headed straight for the jugular of antiquated policies, so to speak, in an attempt to choke off their air supply. Infusing fresh breath into Indian politics with reforms and new schemes designed to ensure transparency and distribute wealth, PM Singh is being ambitious, and he may well be successful, says a Newsweek article.

Believing that the Congress Party’s near-majority in Parliament will free Singh to slash red tape and spur growth, bankers, columnists, lobbyists and think tanks have spent the time since the poll results were announced on May 16 issuing a torrent of to-do lists for the prime minister. But probably the boldest and most innovative agenda has come from Singh himself. Conceived during the election campaign, at a time when nobody else had much faith in him, his 100-day plan is filled with specific, substantive measures that range from selling stakes in state-owned companies to restructuring rules on public-private partnerships to removing bottlenecks that have delayed some $15 billion worth of road projects to enacting a new food-security law. Together, the advances might just amount to the big-bang reforms that India has been awaiting for nearly a decade now. And having vanquished his foes on the left and the right and earned the unquestioning faith of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, his party’s leaders, Singh might even manage to get it all done.

Read the entire piece here.

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