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We’ve recognised Sudheendra Kulkarni before on this blog as the lone voice of reason within the BJP, so when he kicks back and analyses what he thinks went wrong with the party’s campaign this election, it’s definitely worth listening in closely:

If the BJP’s electoral success in 1998 and 1999 was due to factors beyond what are narrowly seen as “Hindutva” issues, subsequent events have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the party’s Hindu base is small even within Hindu society, not to speak of the electorate as a whole. This small Hindu base on its own can never bring the party to power at the Centre. Between 2004 and 2009, some people were toying with the idea of constructing a ‘Hindu Agenda’, and creating a large enough ‘Hindu Vote-Bank’ around it. Even the idea of establishing a new Hindu political organization, as a counter to the BJP, was being talked about. In the aftermath of the BJP’s defeat in the 2009 parliamentary elections, these ideas may get a new lease of life. They are doomed to fail.

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  1. “Women Reservation Bill”

    Spare us the joke !!! Janta Dal (U) President Sharad Yadav’s threat to consume poison if the Women’s Reservation Biil is presented to the parliament in its present form.

    He says : “Caste is the biggest curse. The caste system has been used to suppress a large section of women.” Only when the caste system is demolished will the real women of India be empowered. It cannot be done through the tokenism that the Congress is resorting to.”

    Look who’s talking. One of the biggest perpetuator of the caste system, Mr. Yadav seems to conveniently mix his caste and class as per his convenience.

    If you recall, some time back, in the same vein he made a derogatory reference to all women, who were demanding bill to be introduced in the Parliamment,as “Parkatti auratein”. Well, we should not expect any enlightened view from him…

    The people of India have shown the door to these “Backward (in their thoughts, words and deeds)” politicians, who opposed the reservation bill vehemently to perpetuate their “caste” agenda, and gave them a sharp rejoinder in the recent elections.

    Mulayam is no longer the kingmaker which he dreamt he will be along with his fellow 4th Front partners, Laloo & Ramvilas who lost their seats and respect in Bihar, and now… we will have the last of the Yadav chieftain “Sharad Yadav” sacrificing his life defending the honour of his casteist rhetoric at the altar of ‘Women Reservation Bill’. What a joke !!!

    We wish the following :
    * The Government introduces the bill and all of us will love to watch the spectacle of Sharad Yadav drinking poison and not eat his words.
    We will have one less obscurantist politician to deal with.
    The country might happily mourn the demise of casteism and caste politics along with him.

    Hope the JD(U) President and his fellow ‘Backward’ bretherens rest in peace and let their fellow countrymen live in ‘Peace’.

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