Congress success Election analysis Sanjay Jha

Jai Ho!


I write this as the great Indian verdict rolls in. The Congress party is leading in about 197 seats, and the UPA combine is aggregating 254.

The Indian voter has spoken, and how!

India has voted for a clean, honest, secular and stable government. It is an endorsement of a decent human being , a good man , principled and values-driven as India’s Prime Minister; Manmohan Singh. And a party that gave us our freedom.

A detailed blog follows.

In the meantime, all Indians need to feel a sense of pride and joy in our amazing democracy.


  1. Dear Sanjay,

    I would have shared your enthusiasm for the Congress but for a few, very important things:

    A. What is this thing about the Dynasty? Why cant a regular common man aspire for positions in the party unless you are a Sonia loyalist? Of all the million people in the Congress, why does the Congress worker always look up to the Dynasty? I would have still agreed if Sonia Gandhi had done lot of grassroot level work in the party and come up the hard way. I mean things are given to them on a platter. I agree that some of the below the belt statements about her foreign origin by the BJP leaders were crass and unbelievable. It still doesnt take away the point, that the Congress is intellectually bankrupt and cannot find a leader amongst it’s many desi leaders. Now please dont say Manmohan Singh. Dr.MMS is a nice, decent man, agreed. He has that quiet dignity that makes him a rare stand out. But as a Mass Leader? Someone who shares an equal platform with the dynasty? The election results were not even fully declared and you had the sycophants already saying Rahul will be the next PM? Why Sanjay, why? Why not a P Chidambaram, who is experienced and the next in line for leadership? Is it because he doesnt have the Gandhi surname?

    B. For all the liberalism brouhaha, the Congress cannot tolerate an opposition led government in any state and Bihar, Jharkhand and Goa have proven that they can subvert the people’s mandate and constitution to their end. Not even the biggest Congress supporters can defend it, as the Supreme Court said the decision to dissolve the Bihar Assembly was unconstitutional. Well to people like you, if liberalism means going to a pub, without the Rama Sene attacking you, so be it. We go back in time and we have seen how much of the Congress liberalism was at display in the Emergency, Post-Emergency etc. For a party with a historic track record of quasi dictatorship liberalism is like a godsent tag that was given to you by the media? perhaps because younger and more good looking leaders were there in the Congress party.

    C. For all the hoopla about secularism, you guys oppose a Uniform Civil Code, argued for unconstitutional minority rights, taken identity politics to a new level, align with blatantly communal parties such as IUML, AIM and AUDF. If secularism means opposition to anything remotely connected to Hinduism just because it is raised by the BJP and the RSS, then only time will prove what is right and what is wrong.

    There are several other points, this is a start.

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