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Time for some hard questions

Rajeev’s piece in the Sunday DNA was accompanied by two more comments from analysts: Mehta’s piece being one of them.


Rahul Gandhi’s recent comments on allies don’t say too much. I think we are making too much of it. It is a bit odd to raise the topic of allies in the middle of the election rather than after. It’s probably a bit unwise even though it is the plain truth that everyone is willing to talk to everyone, that allies are open to political reconciliation.

I wish we would ask him more probing questions when he makes statements about inviting the allies. We should ask him what common ground the Congress has with the Left; if they do come back on what conditions will they do so. I wish correspondents who were there at the conference when he made these statements weren’t taken in by these peripheral issues that the real, pertinent questions never were asked. Also, it depends on what you think the relevant questions are.

Rahul has never taken any stand on policy issues that would come in the realm of forthrightness. He’s stepped away from all the controversial issues. In this context, the parameters of politics are uncertain.

Also, I think we infantilise him a lot. We say he’s learning. So what do we mean by maturity? If it has to do with winning new allies, not really.

To all those who wonder if he is the Indian Obama, I would say probably five years from now, but there is no evidence of that yet.

Obama brought in an ideological change, Rahul hasn’t. It’s time to probe him and ask some substantive questions.

Mehta is a political commentator

One comment

  1. Rahul’s background is the only plus point to him,such a baby cannot take our country forward,our country may remain underdeveloped,even he is not dare enough to comment on any political leader,if he was not the grand son of indira gandhi and son of rajiv gandi he might have remained like a normal citizen,please search for an efficient leader who might have present in congress,b’cos we the youngsters are affraid after thinking to our future.

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