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Why I am voting Congress

Following our promise to look out for the good and the constructively critical about the Congress Party, we post a link to blogger Harini Calamur’s recent writing, where she lists the reasons to vote Congress … alongwith a rider.

So what does it boil down to? why does Manmohan Singh get my vote, even if he is not contesting :

…because it is the economy stupid ! and there is no other person I trust more to navigate us out of the financial whirlpool created by Wall Street greed and White House stupidity.

Read the entire article here and definitely check out the raging debate on the comments section!


  1. Are you a secular nationalist?

    Then you must support following:

    1) Uniform Civil Code & compulsory maximum 2 children policy for people of all faiths

    2) Ban on organised conversions destructing society by religious competition & establishment of state minority commission for Hindus like others in Indian states where they are minority because suffering persecution & separatism in Kashmir & northeast India

    3) Ouster most of 5 Crores illegal foreign Bangladeshi Muslim invaders occupying our land & resources from India to no-man’s land as their Islamic Bangladesh Govt don’t accept them, complete electrified barbed wire fencing in Bangladesh border with mutual exchange of enclaves with them while India must also annexe the 7 Northwest Bangladeshi districts that will also widen & secure our strategic passage to Assam from mainland as we helped form Bangladesh in 1971 among whom over 16% were Hindus but half of them already driven out to India and rest 15 millions also must be rehabilitated by us in sparsely populated West Bengal-Jharkhand border for strategic security against those Bangladeshi Muslims who couldn’t be ousted for already getting Indian citizenship by corrupt politicians & if turn majority may soon want re-partition of our motherland, India

    4) Settle all persecuted 3 million Af-Pak Hindus in Indian “Kashmir”, abolish Article 370 of Indian Constitution & merge neighbouring Himachal Pradesh with it to make it Hindu majority solving its Muslim majority problem & claims by Pakistan on this ground along with repeal of anti-Indian ‘Jammu & Kashmir Resettlement Act’ of 1982

    5) Facilitate autonomous state for Hindu Tamils in northeast within federal Srilanka to save them from genocide by Buddhist Sinhala majority

    6) Convert if required unilaterally, the LOC with Pakistan & LAC with China into permanent international boundaries ending the long dispute

    7) Abolish Income Tax & Govt must heavily invest in micro-credit & vocational education to poor, green energy & healthcare and infrastructure development to defeat Maoist menace

    8) Economically restrict FDI & FIIs to maximum 49% in private sectors, strict price control of essential medicines & high import tariffs on non-essentials beside stoppage of subsidies & special treatments to minorities & end to taxing Hindu pilgrims & Govt loot of Temple money

    9) Defeat Congress & Communists for fielding Gaddar Azhar & Jihadi Madani, not hanging Parliament attacker Afzal for Muslim votes, unconstitutionally increasing reservations & wanting minority quotas dropping standards of premiere institutes like IIT/IIM etc, destroying national heritage Ram Setu, filing affidavit in SC that Lord Ram didn’t exist, removing POTA, giving family pension to terrorists, charging military men and Hindu Saints-Sadhvis for false, imaginary unproved crimes & their torture in jails to appear secular, teaching Jihadis like Khilafatis & Titu Mir as freedom fighters, providing legal aid to Jihadi students of Jamia Millia arrested by Delhi police in Batla House encounter, sending wrong DNA report of Kasab to Pakistan, giving school board status to Madrashas with salaries & pensions to their Maulavis creating Jihadis for Muslim votes, arresting Varun Gandhi for talking self defence while leaving Imams who publicly issue fatwa to kill Taslima go scott free, giving Amarnath land to communal Kashmiri Muslims who ousted all Kashmiri Hindus whom Govt failed to rehabilitate, blamming Hindus while all know that Gujarat & Orissa riots started by minorities by violent Hindu murders, declaraing Muslims have first right on India’s resources while Sachar report prove that high birth rate and their Govt led to minority poverty inspite of their rule on India for last 1000 years before independence

    10) Pride in India’s Hindu majority character & its protection ensuring liberal secularism to thrive unlike neighbouring Islamic & Christian nations culturally bonding Indians of all faiths, education from a national perspective with teaching of Sanskrit & Moral Studies along religious diversity in secondary schools, equal opportunities for all & discrimination to none.

  2. i do not want to vote for Congress…the most rediculous party…who can’t fight even one terrorist. Who can’t hang the person who attacks the parliament. What protection will it give to indian people????????????

    1. Dear Mr.Rav,

      Do you forget about the Kandahar hijack? Do you know these dreadly terrorists?
      Maulana Masood Azhar,Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar & Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

      Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh who had been imprisoned in connection with 1994 Kidnappings of Western tourists in India went on to murder Daniel Pearl These three released extremists were later involved in various terror attacks on India, including the September 11, 2001 World trade center attack in U.S.

      The erstwhile Indian Minister for External Affairs, Jaswant Singh accompanied the terrorists to Kandahar to deliver the prisoners over to the hijackers.

      Any way not even a single congressman accompanied a terrorist.

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