BJP untruths Opposition

Joshiji, zara dheere chalna…

… facts mein sambhalke aage chalna.

The Preamble of the BJP’s Manifesto was written by Murli Manohar Joshi, supposedly based on historical “facts”. It creates a glorious picture of ancient India, complete with agricultural abundance, superior quality ‘indigenous education’ as experienced in schools and colleges, hospitals catering to diverse patients within the cities and er, even knowhow about plastic surgery (and vaccines).

In today’s Hindu Magazine section, eminent historians gently but firmly clear the mist from Mr. Joshi’s wistfully nostalgic gaze into the past.

Read on here.


  1. I have read the whole of article.It have not mentioned the names of so called eminent historians.What joshi has written is well known.But what the so called eminent historians has said is having authentication.Some congressman or men has once again proved that they all are like their leader i.e.biggest liers.

  2. Do you really want people to take this article seriously? India is the longest continueing civilization in the world without a doubt.

    There is no Egypt of old. There is an Islamic Arab Egypt that is ashamed to own it’s ancient past, calling it jahiliya. China went communist and gave up it’s feudal past, remember?

    The last paragraph with it’s openly hostile anti-Hindu and unhistorical fact gives the game away. Ashoka instituted a Secular State?? Yeah why not? You might want to have the world take to Buddhism to practice Secularism 🙂

    MM Joshi had the basic honesty to sign his authorship and ownership. Your shadowy authors of your article lack even that!

  3. What unites a nation is its rich cultural values .

    What builds up confidence and self esteem of a nation is mention of its glorious past.

    India has now evolved as a unique and only nation because it systematically trains its younger generation to spit at its own past, talking only of its downfall, thus weakening the very spirit of the nationhood.

    After all, Indian education and media is in the hand of “west”.

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