Five Big Questions for the BJP

Beyond the rabble rousing and the rhetoric, there are still those big questions that every election throws up. We’ve put together five big questions for the BJP to answer here:

Question 1: Will the BJP abolish the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGA) scheme that is providing employment to crores of poor households across the country, while generating tangible public assets?

Question 2: Why is the BJP manifesto silent on the role of the public sector? Is it because it wants to continue its policy of indiscriminate and non-transparent privatization by stealth?

Question 3: Why is the BJP’s manifesto bereft on any ideas on industrial development? Is the BJP intellectually bankrupt on ideas for the industrial development of India?

Question 4: Does the BJP have any tangible plan on agricultural loan waiver beyond the vague statement .Waive Agricultural Loans. that adorn its manifesto? Or is it promising to do something that the Congress-led UPA government has already done?

Question 5: How exactly does the BJP propose to .improve upon the POTA.? What more will it do that goes beyond the strong anti-terror law . the amended UAPA . that the Congress-led UPA government has already enacted?

If you want to know more go here.

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