Rajeev Gowda

The eye of the storm


Why a blog? Why now?

Let me share an analogy …

Have you ever seen satellite pictures of cyclones moving across the seas, getting ready to lash the Indian coast with torrents of rain? Right in the middle of the whirling winds is a centre where calm prevails.

That’s the eye of the storm.

We’re right now in the middle of the great electoral cyclone that periodically hits every part of India. These rains are nourishing. They ensure the renewal of hope, the recharging of democracy. And they’re accompanied by much sound and fury, by storms of charges and countercharges, by lightning and thunder, rhetoric and bombast.

So what’s a concerned citizen to do? How does she or he make sense of the media coverage, of the allegations and rebuttals? Where can she or he turn to get the facts?

That’s right! To this site. The eye of the electoral storm. Where truth prevails.


  1. We really nead a storm to clear away a lot of dirt that is prevalent in our electoral system…..if this is a storm after which we would have a better tomorrow …let’s have it, India needs a better tomorrow lets all go out and vote for a Better tomorrow ……choose your candidate who would make a difference…..Choose a party which is secular in its thoughts and actions…..Choose Indian National Congress for a Better INDIA….

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