Opposition Sanjay Jha

Sanjay Dud and all that


Sanjay Jha is unforgiving in the assessment of his (sort of) namesake Sanjay Dutt:

Dutt comes across as an overgrown imbecile, but we should have perhaps guessed that earlier from his new illustrious company and “big brothers”. Also, from the brazen-faced way in which he publicly chastised his sisters, family, Congress party, just about anyone for not giving him adequate “love”. Sanjay Dutt has lost massive goodwill and sympathy, and his Bollywood career is headed for a serious nose-dive too, from the look of it. Truly, he is like a brainless Shrek, essentially innocuous, but primarily a dim-wit.

But then anyone who watched the Dutt and Amar Singh interview with Barkha Dutt on NDTV, where Dutt loyally parroted Amar Singh and indicated that his wife Manyata’s place was in the kitchen “making kebabs” will not be surprised. Read the rest of Jha’s blog on Sanjay Dud Dutt here.

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