BJP untruths

Money, money, money

Advani wisely cites age-old unverified Internet sources while flinging allegations at the Govt.

Apparently there’s a lot of it stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. Er, sure, and how do we know that? Advani, the CPM manifesto and Sharad Yadav of the JD (U). And who was Advani citing? Well, amongst other things, a two-year-old email doing the rounds, it seems.

Senor economist Bibek Debroy’s story here.

Not surprisingly, a response from senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, who says in an open letter to Advani, “To put it bluntly, Shri Advani, you are lying. That your entire edifice of numbers on the black money issue is a total hoax has been demonstrated most convincingly by two of India’s most distinguished economists — Ashok Desai and Bibek Debroy — who have both been critical of the Congress as well in the past on various issues.

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