Congress success Sanjay Jha

Rahul Gandhi has arrived


A quiet arrival of a young man on to the treacherous terrain of Indian politics, notes Sanjay Jha.

When he went traversing the country over the last few years, the BJP made sarcastic digs at the man, saying Rahul was on a “discovery of India” tour, alluding that he was like a foreigner groping around to unravel his own native turf. The truth, in fact, is elsewhere. They have failed to discover the man. Society columnists whose political education begin at the Taj hotel and whose graduation ceremony conclude at The Trident , continue to be cynical about his initiatives, but then what can one expect from those who believe the cow-belt to be the latest fashion accessory?

Jha traces Rahul Gandhi’s quiet political progress in the face of a harsh and unforgiving spotlight in this piece here.

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