We began this blog on the eve of the election, and never once was there any doubt in our minds that the Congress Party would win. But Hamara Congress wasn’t set up as a last-minute election ploy. We’re here to stay – and with us we bring the weight of razor sharp news and analysis from leading analysts, journalists and editors, analysing the Congress Party’s policies and positions.

We dive around the blogosphere to aggregate the best from Indian political analysis and combine these with timely and incisive guest posts, unique to this blog, to give you one short and snappy insight at a time.

Why this is your HamaraCongress.Com ?

Well, this blog site is not just a tactical election ploy, but an ongoing initiative to assimilate and absorb all the vibrant views and exuberant expressions of India’s young and old alike, who want to make a difference in our public life via the Congress platform. We welcome diversity, plurality, freshness of thought, a bold vision and big dreams for our billion plus Team India.

Come and join us, with a simple uncomplicated goal — let us make the India of our dreams. To give our future generations the world they deserve. Because India does not just deserve better. It deserves the best.