By Abhishek Mishra

mery delhi

Delhi is a never resting city of the world with diversity of languages, ethnicities, culture, and heritage and most importantly the tourist attraction. It is called the city of ranges; it ranges from the “Street fellow” to the “Porsche fellow”.  The ancient city has a lot of story to tell its citizen and the migrants approaching teeming each day as follows. The palette contrast is vast, where in one can sight variety to utmost. The city thrills to about 21 million people with opportunities in terms of jobs, education, higher living standards, etc. Being the capital it empowers fashion, media, business, technology and off courses the hub for Political House, Government bureaucrats and the babu clerks.  The veracity of the city undergone different regimes with time with different rulers and still had made it well.  Especially the last 15 years, we have addressed complete transformation of Delhi.

According to Paul Boyle, CEO of Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in the UK said that New Delhi is the budding cities and capable of being the best cities in the world.

Sheila Dikshit, the current Chief Minister of the capital serving her 3rd term in a row. Her performance and administration skills as a lady demonstrated through her devotion towards the work she does. The 75 year old belongs to middle class family married into the family of veteran Shri Umashankar Dikshit, a former governor and a union cabinet minister.

Sheila Dikshit is an age old administrator and tough politician to work close for women rights. From being a Chairperson of the Young Women’s Association in 1970, to represent India U.N. Commission on Status of Women from 1984 to 1989. She served Union Minister from 1986-1989. She was behind bars in 1990 UP government for initiating a movement for against the violence faced by Indian women. She was awarded with the Best Chief Minister by the Journalist Association of India & Politician of the year by NDTV in 2009.

The 2013 election campaign focuses on the government’s progressive work, schemes for the deprived, relegated women and senior citizens. The anti-incumbency factor against the current CM, raised by BJP and the nouveau AAP is baseless and can be easily neutralized by the immense development happened in Delhi. To this Sheila Dikshit says “Whatever we have done in the city in the last 15 years is visible. People can feel what transformation the city has undergone. We have ensured welfare of each and every section of the society,” she continues “Our government has given top priority to the residents of unauthorized colonies and to the poor and under-privileged sections. Our party and government have been working with sensitivity and providing relief to people from time to time”.

Delhi assembly elections in 2013 project a very interesting scenario, where we witness diverse ideologies and different individuals. Most interesting is AAP; Born out of an Anti-Corruption campaign initiated by Anna Hazare and joined by Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal later sidelined Hazare to launch their political party claiming their ideology being against corruption. Since then they have been the talk of the town, for the wrong reasons. From frivolous marketing behind auto rickshaws to calling names to senior leaders, from blame and shame to making false claims, from creating hooliganism to funds manipulation; they have done it all for in form of degraded publicity stunts under their anti-corruption banner. Recently, members of AAP were “Caught in the act” in a sting operation done by a media firm clearly portrays their intent and ideology. Here arises a question on their credibility to even project themselves as a political party rather being fascist in behest of power. Hazare, the brainchild behind the Anti-corruption movement is now unhappy and unsatisfied and has pulled back all threads with AAP. Rest we are all aware off.  On the other hand, BJP is trying hard to fight space with AAP as they are aware of not standing tall against a lady unbeaten for last 3 terms just based on good work. BJP has always showed a candidature fight while projecting PM or CM in the past, but likely Advani and Goel where sidelined for Modi and Harsh Vardhan. Harsh Vardhan has won 4 times from his constituency but has no face in the Delhi political scenario. He being chosen over Vijay Goel was a surprise to even Mr. Goel which created negative vibes, later normalized. To be true and blatant, he is unknown and unrecognized to most of Delhi.


Sheila Dikshit has been the face of development and progress of Delhi since 1998. Delhi has transformed under her leadership. Her agenda on inclusive growth for the capital involves an exhaustive lengthy list worked upon and achieved, under her governance. The addition of Delhi Metro to the national capital territory’s public transport system which attracts over 25 Lakh travelers daily; Huge infrastructure boom including flyovers, widening of roads and construction of new roads; Increase in literacy rate to 86.21%, Enrollments of Girls in schools is higher than boys; Modernization of public transport by introduction of low floor automatic gear buses, increasing the DTC fleet size to 6000 buses; Medical infrastructure has increased several folds faster than the rise of city’s population, 5 specialized world-class hospitals have been set up by Delhi Government; Improved education system wherein 124 Delhi students fare in top 200 students of the entire country; Unparalleled rates and uncut electric supply; Environmental reforms include Plantation of 6 million sapling, Overhaul of transport system by introduction of non-polluting CNG system; Increased Per-capita income and Human development index securing a strong foundation for the citizens of Delhi are the major evident achievements which cannot be ignored.

She is fearless and undefeated by the BJP in all aspects through her political acumen and strong managerial skills. Being the 2nd lady CM till date in the country, with time she has evolved as a very efficient and powerful lady.

Shelia Dikshit is a super CM, she is confident over the work she has done and surely supersedes over her competitor’s candidatures and achievements.

She proudly says “Our work speaks for itself. When people look around, they can see the good work I have done in Delhi”.

Shelia Dikshit

4th December will decide the fate of national capital for next 5 years, Over 11.5 million people eligible to cast their votes across 70 assembly constituencies in Delhi will choose evident continual development over fake and hollow claims.


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