BJP untruths Election analysis Post Election

The middle class leaves BJP behind

The BJP had seemed as though it was the party for the new middle classes: rejecting Nehruvian socialism for conspicuous consumption and clasping the ‘BJP to its collective bosom’, says Vir Sanghvi. But now the BJP is being torn apart by an existential crisis and the middle class seems relieved by the Congress Party’s victory:

So, here’s my question: never mind what the crisis of the BJP tells us about the BJP. What does it tell us about the Indian middle class?

Or, put another way: what happened to the new middle class and its affinity with the BJP? Over the last five years, prosperity has actually increased. And yet, the rejection of the Nehruvian consensus has tapered off. Nor do the issues that once defined the new middle class now seem to matter that much.

Answers here.

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