Opposition Sanjay Jha

Advani, The Outsider and Aamir


Why does Manmohan Singh make Advani insecure?

Why does Shah Rukh Khan make Aamir so insecure?

Is there a connection?

Sanjay Jha thinks so!Advani has had a deep pathological disrespect for Manmohan Singh, and this is not just evident because of the expected mud-slinging during election time. Even at the time of the nuclear debate and other issues, the 0.5 kg dumb-bell lifting marathon man could only think of accusing Manmohan of being a pulpy softie, being guardedly observed by Mrs Sonia Gandhi. But the true reason why Advani loathes Singhji is because in the deadly inner club of the political class, it is considered almost blasphemous to have a successful bureaucrat, non-political, Rajya Sabha member, utterly unassuming and totally devoid of political machinations, be the Prime Minister.

Read the full piece here.

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